Anti predator strategy in Blue Tongue Skinks.

Description: A key question in animal communication is whether animals honestly signal their ability and quality. This lizard system is particularly interesting because they have ultra-violet tongues which convey a signal invisible to humans but which can be quite conspicuous to conspecifics and predators.

We perform behavioural trials examining the role of this signal as deimatic signal and will use robotics to examine receiver psychology.

Martin Whiting and Kate Umbers .


Armaments and ornaments in lizards: reproductive tactic in Pristidactylus achalensis

Encourage the importance of conserving Arid Chaco environments for its tourist value. Framework for the Project “Land Degradation and Species Loss in the South American Chaco: Implementation of an Integrated System for Conservation” developed by IDEA researchers (CONICET-UNC) and funded by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Description: The conservation of the environments must contemplate the biological characteristics as well as social, cultural and economic aspects. The Arid Chaco is an environment of great value and worrying state of conservation. At present, the few remaining patches of native forest are degraded and highly fragmented, endangering the survival of numerous species. The tourism activities themselves are a resource of interest for the dissemination of scientific and environmental knowledge. A biogeographic region such as the Arid Chaco presents itself as an opportunity to develop different aspects of tourism, responsible, sustainable and educational, which are compatible with the conservation of nature and economical benefits for local people.

Ecology and evolution of Salvator spp. Understanding of reproductive strategies (pre and post copula competition).